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Jenny and I attended a morning Wellness and Longevity Conference yesterday, hosted by Dr Anton Janse van Rensburg and Life Coach Annie Coetzer.

Annie bounced onto stage and insisted we all get up and dance in our seats, after being introduced by one of her 84 year old clients! Annie spoke about the effects of thoughts and emotions on our body and well-being. I loved her description of a feeling as a “full-body experience” which is based on a unique combination on the chemical workings of your body, brain, hormones, internal organs and muscles as well as your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and past experiences. Annie added “feelings are chemicals and chemicals are feelings”. According to Annie, the two biggest enemies of wellness and health are blame and worry. She emphasized the importance of having practical dreams for inspiration and motivation.

Dr Anton spoke in his usual hilarious style about the amazing mechanisms in the human body, which are designed to keep us healthy and ageing gracefully. He explained the effects of excessive free radicals and antioxidants on the body – the culprits being heavily processed food, bad water, damaged food, breathing dirty air. The chief enemy, however, is ANXIETY, which produces high levels of oxygen radicals.

The critical antidote to these is movement and exercise and eating fresh and organic food. getting good quality sleep is critical for good health. on the subject of hormones, Dr Anton’s first advise is, Make it, don’t take it and he shared a lot of great tips for kick-starting your hormones back into health.

It was so exciting to hear other health professionals speak passionately about the possibilities for healthful living – and clear how BodyTalk supports these principles

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  1. Deidre dennyschen says:

    Please put me on your mail list or newsletter so I can attend your seminars. It’s sounds so inspiring!

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