Walking the (Body)Talk, on a treadmill

This morning I dragged myself to the gym and got walking on the treadmill. I wasn’t really in the mood and my back was stiff and tight, so I was uncomfortable too. As I became bored, a moment of inspiration hit …. how about giving myself a BodyTalk session to improve the situation?

So, I cleared my mind, focussed on my own body and asked (myself), are there any links which are a priority for me now? The first few links were reciprocals, which are pairs of points/areas on the spine. As I linked different areas of my left shoulder with my right hip (and walked), I noticed little changes in the tensions all over my back. And the suddenly a strange … jolt, or shift and my back was free. It felt exactly like a chiropractic adjustment, except my body did it, to itself. Nice.

The next link related to something in the environment impacting on me – I assumed the gym environment. But no, my body wanted to address something in my work environment, which was creating tension in my body. And as I tapped it out, I was able to move more freely (and faster). Wow! That workout was a such a tangible demonstration of how our bodies store our worries and concerns in our muscles and tissues, ready to be resolved when we’re ready to prioritise them. And in its own order too. I think I’ll go back tomorrow, treatment on a treadmill, bargain!

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