Indian Head Massage

Massage has been an important part of all healing modalities – from the medicine
practiced in Asia as well as “Western medical practices”. Massage has been found in
different forms for the last 5 000 years. For the last 3000 of those years, different forms
of massage have been practiced on the Indian subcontinent.

Massage therapies from India have focused on pressure points throughout the body.
These points are rubbed and manipulated. Massage, from the times of the Egyptian, has
been considered part of everyday practice, just as washing or eating. Newborns were
massaged, to promote bonding between mother and child. A bride would enjoy weeks
of massage, prior to her wedding, as a form of preparation ritual. Women, at the end of
a day, would gather together and massage each other while they caught up on the daily
gossip. Wives would also massage their husbands when they returned from a long day of

The use of massage is still prominent in India and the benefits of Indian head massage are
now widely recognised in the developed, industrialised world. An Indian head massage
relieves stress and strain, both physically and psychologically. Increased blood flow, and
thus oxygen, in the brain enables the mind to process the events of a day. This aids in the
release of tension or worry. Relaxing and uplifting, energy levels are raised and clients
leave feeling calmer and with clearer thoughts.

An Indian head massage includes, in the 30 minute session, manipulation and massaging
of the upper back, shoulder, neck, scalp and face (optional). Tension in the back and neck
are causes of headaches. Therefore, an Indian head massage would be incomplete if only
the head was massaged.

Other physical benefits include improved blood circulation, lymphatic drainage in the
face and neck (to reduce puffiness), promotes hair growth, regenerates the skin and
stimulate nerve endings.

This is a holistic therapy that targets the upper body for a no-nonsense, quick and
invigorating massage session.

Practitioners who specialize in Indian Head Massage:

Eleanor Kent Irene
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Cell: 082 812 7606 | Email:

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