Homeopathic practice at my rooms involves diagnosis of a patient using Iris Diagnosis, Electro-Dermal Acupuncture Point Measurement, clinical assessment and other diagnostic techniques used by a general practitioner. The homeopathic remedies are medicines in highly diluted form and are derived from minerals, natural products, artificially prepared products and allopathic medicines. The dilution is done to establish a medicine presentation that is gentle in action (Synthetic drugs are thus avoided).

The treatment of acute conditions may successfully take place in the first week of administrating the remedies, while treatment of chronic pathologies may take longer. The aim in my treatment protocol is to concentrate on the core cause of illness or to treat imbalances and dysfunctional areas, so that a symptom or sign is not addressed alone, but the whole person is considered for treatment. A wide spectrum of pathologies is treated from general colds to severe allergies and depression. ADD or ADHD can be addressed homeopathically as well.

Practitioners who specialize in Homeopathy:

Dr Attie Smit Wierda Park
BodyTalk Practitioner
Tel: 012 660 0249 | Email: attie@global.co.za

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