BreakThrough is a seven step technique that helps us gain new perspectives and uncover hidden belief systems and identities that cover up our true potential. 

A BreakThrough Facilitator will lead you through these steps, starting with a story where you have had a reaction – where your thoughts and emotions are out of control and you are unable to respond to situations in a practical way.  BreakThrough is a system to resolve conflict within ourselves, our relationships or unravel repeated patterns. It is not a system designed to change you or make you a better person.  It is a uncovering so that you can get in touch with your authentic self.

BreakThrough Facilitators:

Julia Hastie Lynnwood Ridge
Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner (PaRama)
Cell: 073 665 6319 | Email:

Karen Trieloff Midrand
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (PaRama)
Cell: 082 871 2377 | Email:

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