Acupuncture involves treating patients by inserting and manipulating acupuncture needles in the body. The treatment may also involve massage and holding of “listening points” of the body. The basis of acupuncture relates to the philosophy that qi (energy) flow proceeds undisturbed leading to complete health. This treatment lifts blockages or too high a flow of qi in the meridians (energy pathways) on the skin and in the body, organs and brain.  The science has been used for healing practice for +/- 300 years. Suction cupping and soft laser may also be used.


  • May relieve pain
  • Promotes general health on physical and emotional level.
  • Other benefits may include weight loss, improved fertility and cigarette smoking cessation.

Practitioners who specialize in Acupuncture:

Dr Attie Smit Wierda Park
BodyTalk Practitioner
Tel: 012 660 0249 | Email:

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