Too busy for burn-out!

A lady came to me for a BodyTalk session last week. She lay down on the treatment bed with the words, “my doctor has been trying to book me off with burn-out for weeks, but I told him I am too busy for burn-out!” It reminded me of my clients who suffer from so-called weekend head-aches; the ones who spend the first week of their holidays in bed with ‘flu, or get sick after they fly because of ‘all the germs in the plane’.

So, what happens in your body when you tell it you’re too busy for burn-out, or can only have head-aches on the weekend? The first systems compromised by ongoing stress, are the digestive and immune systems. Imagine your immune system trying to warn the rest of your body “Guys, there is a virus around here we need to pay attention to” or your stomach realizing that it is producing way too much acid and is feeling a little burnt. And the rest of your bodymind saying “Be Quiet, we’re busy!”, “tell me later, I have a dead-line to meet”, “leave me alone, I’m under pressure here”.

Well, your digestive and immune system listen and obey. Until you finally REST. Cue Immunity ‘woohoo, it’s MY turn, hooray, let’s tackle this whole back-log of viruses and bacteria and parasites’. Oh.

It kinda makes the case for ongoing support for your health, like receiving regular BodyTalk sessions, doesn’t it?

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