Tired but wired!

A client phoned me early this morning, saying that she feel Tired but Wired – “I don’t know if I’m going to cry or punch someone in the face”, she explained.

The end of the year rush seems to be taking its toll on people, and sleeping well, and being peaceful, somehow unobtainable. BodyTalk can help in two ways in these situations …. I’ve noticed that clients who are feeling freaked out, come for a session, lay down, fall fast asleep, and wake up wondering what all the fuss was about! Simple and fast-acting techniques like Tapping out your Cortices , and Switching do wonders for re-setting the brain and getting it back in charge of the body and its reactions to stress.

Secondly, going for regular BodyTalk sessions, has a cumulative effect. As your body gets used to responding to stress, instead of over-reacting, people find themselves feeling calmer and more collected over time. And even when an event throws you out of balance, your body easily re-sets itself. That is because BodyTalk sessions help your body to identify its habits and patterns around stress. Your body will ‘remember’ its peaceful state and go back to it. Sleeping well and having enhanced immunity are two common ‘side-effects’ of regular BodyTalk sessions and keep the Tired-but-Wired feeling at bay too. What would keep you from starting this process today?

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