Tired all day

headdesk So many of my clients this week have complained about the same problem….. they are soooooo tired, they are literally laying their heads on their desks at work!

Others say that they want to cry when they hear their alarm clocks ringing in the morning, they are simply too tired to get out of bed, and can’t face the day. Several of them were resorting to using coffee, energy drinks, and car-park naps to get through the day. One client told me, “just moving while talking to you hurts, I’m so tired”.

The great news is, within hours of a BodyTalk session, they report feeling lighter, clearer and energised. The sessions cover all sorts of ground, from long-standing viruses, burn-out, change of season complaints, allergies, dehydration and more. But all according to their own personal priority.

That’s BodyTalk!

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