Testimonial #1 – Dairy allergy

Rick suffered from severe dairy allergy since babyhood. His mother had to carefully monitor his food as the slightest contact with any form of dairy, or substitutes such as soya and goats milk, would set him off wheezing and gasping. He woke several times a night because he could not breathe properly. After two BodyTalk sessions, his mother decided to test the result by feeding him a 300ml glass of milk – he had no reaction at all, and now has dairy every day, and sleeps well every night.

Rick (4) | Montana

Testimonial #2 – Dairy allergy

Hannah met Julia for her first BodyTalk session in June 2010, age 5. She suffered from allergies to Dairy, Soya, Eggs, Wheat, Gluten, Sulphur Dioxide, Wheat and Sugar. She routinely broke out in eczema from 6 months of age. She was hyper-sensitive to smells and textures.Her teacher had begun to complain about Hannah being very distracted (and distracting) in class, at times resorting to violence. They felt she was not performing to her potential, and talked too much. Eating out and family holidays presented many challenges to the family, which needed to meet Hannah’s special dietary care. They also needed to be close to medical facilities, in case she accidentally had contact with allergens. After 7 BodyTalk session, Hannah was delighted to report that she had attended a birthday party and eaten whatever she wanted, followed by pizza for supper, and is no longer troubled by food allergies at all. She is well-liked by her teachers and swimming competitively for her school.

Testimonial #3 – Cat allergy
A friend came to stay at Werner’s house for a while, bringing his cat along. Werner sneezed all day, cleared his throat, rubbed his eyes and suffered from sinus, as he expected to, with his cat-allergy. He went for BodyTalk with Julia, and within a 2 days was sneezing less. His symptoms improved daily until he was living in harmony with the cat, and a whole new world of pets opened up for him!

Testimonial #4 – Can’t fall asleep
Byron, 11 years old, came for BodyTalk, feeling exhausted! He had never fallen asleep easily, even as a baby, struggling and tossing and turning and worrying, often until midnight.He was exhausted in the mornings, and so was his mother, who had tried every trick in the book to get him to settle and sleep at a reasonable hour. After his 1st BodyTalk session, Julia suggested that Byron would be asleep by 9pm that night (a first). His mother phoned the next day to say this was so, and Byron has fallen asleep at 9pm every night since then.

Testimonial #5 – Concentration issues
Elrich’s Grade 0 teacher called his mother in for a meeting. She explained that Elrich was disruptive in class, never sat still and couldn’t concentrate. She said she would prefer not to teach Elrich until he was put on Ritalin or similar. A few years later, Elrich’s Grade 2 teacher called his mom in with the same complaints, and was concerned that he was not achieving the school marks she expected from such a bright boy. Mom couldn’t understand…when reading up on space, or playing with his dinosaurs, Elrich seemed to concentrate easily for hours. After a few BodyTalk sessions with Julia, Elrich’s teacher invited him to join the public speaking team, and his Maths marks were in the Top 3 in his class. It was a drug-free transformation.

Testimonial #6 – Miserable baby
9-month old Jessica was simply out of sorts. Ordinarily a cheerful baby, she suddenly became clingy, cried over everything, resistant to any activity, off her food and generally miserable and unlike herself. A doctor’s appointment revealed no obvious cause for her discomfort. She came to Julia for one BodyTalk session, which focussed on some anxieties she had developed. Her mother phoned two hours later to report that Jessica had happily eaten a meal, and by bed-time that night was her happy and outgoing self again.

Testimonial #6 – Gout
Hi Julia. The relief has been immediate- first time in 5 weeks I can walk normally and without gout. I can also feel a sense of well-being with a slow increase in energy levels. Thanks for the terrific BodyTalk treatment.

Colin | Durban

Testimonial #7 – Diabetic with viral infection
David, a Type 1 Diabetic and active sportsman was suffering from a fever as the result of a viral infection. The fever and infection played havoc with his blood sugar levels, and he tested at 16-18 for 5 days. He increased his insulin dosages and gave himself additional injections, and ate very little but could not bring his sugar levels down. He had a single BodyTalk session, tested his sugar level in the treatment room – it was back to normal, and he began to eat immediately, suffering no further effects of the virus.

David (17) | Menlo Park

Testimonial #8 – Nervous breakdown
A police-woman was brought to BodyTalk by a friend after she suffered a nervous breakdown, was checked into a psychiatric clinic and had her service weapon removed from her. She begun to receive regular BodyTalk sessions from Julia and within two months is back in full-time duty at South African Police services. Her medication is reduced after every follow-up to her psychiatrist.

Helga (47)

Testimonial #9 – Struggling with Grief
I recently lost a very close family member and I was battling to deal with my grief. When I realized that my moods were starting to affect those around me I went to Julia for a BodyTalk session. During the session I felt an intense feeling of relief and since then I have felt altogether much better able to deal with my feelings.

Maryanne | Equestria

Testimonial #10 – Migraine
I suffered from debilitating migraine nearly continuously for 3 years. I was sick of feeling sick, dizzy, and losing time from work. I had had enough of the cocktails of pain-killers I was living on. After two BodyTalk sessions with Julia, my migraine cleared and I am enjoying my new lease on life!

Michelle | Sinoville

Testimonial #11 – Lower back pain
After a few weeks of worsening lower back-pain, I contacted Julia for a BodyTalk session. I arrived at her practice in a lot of pain, unable to even tie my own shoes. After only 1 treatment the pain was totally gone. I had a history of back pain and it’s been almost a year now without back pain. Thank you Julia.

Jade | Wapadrand

Testimonial #12 – Long-standing shoulder pain
For the past 10 years, I have suffered from a nasty pain behind my right shoulder blade. I blamed my occupation, and posture, as a Dental Technician, and often woke at night from the pain. Nothing seemed to relieve it, and my ability to move my arm was seriously restricted, for example, I couldn’t put my right arm around my kids, and would be extra careful when using my right arm– until I tried BodyTalk. Within a few days of my first session with Julia, the pain subsided, never to return. I spent the last week packing and carrying boxes, as well as working long hours. I’ve been able to move my right arm in every direction, with no pain ever since. What a pleasure!

Testimonial #13 – BodyTalk and speed-reading
I took my 8year-old daughter to Julia for BodyTalk, to boost her immune system and general health. We were quite stressed that day, as we were going to Speed Reading lessons after that, and Jenna had not done her homework in a while! However, the teacher was delighted by Jenna’s sudden and unexpected leap in reading speed, and moved her on to the next level. BodyTalk helps all sorts of things.

Testimonial #14 – Burnt eye
A few weeks ago I accidently added too strong eye-drops to my left eye one evening and was in agony. I was convinced I had something solid stuck in my eye! Within 20 minutes of a BodyTalk session from Julia, my eye pain dissipated, and by the next day, my eye was back to normal. Amazing!

Dave | Wilgers

Testimonial #15 – Chronic arm pain
As you are aware I have suffered with this pain (in the bone/muscle of my right arm) for almost a year and all conventional anti-inflammatory and pain pills had no lasting effect. I am now pleased to tell you that after one session with you the pain disappeared after about a day and has not returned at all over the last year. This is really and truly remarkable and felt that you should be aware of your success as a Body Talk Practitioner in treating and eliminating the problem!!! Well done and thank you.

James | Lynnwood

Testimonial #16 – Stomach bug
Jenny developed and suffered from an acute diarrhoea, which lasted several weeks. She lost 6kgs, was confined to her room, and her parents had to move into her home to care for her small children. Having undergone an array of tests and examinations, a gastroenterologist eventually prescribed an anti-depressant with the side effect of slowing her digestive system, as he and others were unable to make a diagnosis or find a cause. Jenny had her first BodyTalk session late one Friday afternoon – a home visit. She was back in her office on Monday morning and in glowing health. She had two further BodyTalk sessions to help her digestive system completely recover, and assist her in gaining the weight she had lost.

Jenny (37) | Die Wilgers

BodyTalk For Animals – Testimonials

Testimonial #1

26 July 2012

I was introduced to Body Talk for Animals by a client; she went on the courses and was ecstatic with the outcome. I did some research and was Divinely guided to meet Arjen Faanhof. I was quite sceptical as the last animal therapist/whisperer/healer was someone who did not return my calls, had issues with my pets; she could not be bothered and had a chip on her shoulder.

I decided to make an appointment to see Arjen Faanhof, we arranged a time and all was set. I was hesitant at the start, as my puppy is my baby and had many bad and abusive experiences within the first six months of his life, I adopted him after he was abandoned for the third time.

I arrived at her beautiful centre in Centurian out in the country side yet so close to the city. Arjen arrived and greeted me; we went into her consulting room. I was asked to get onto the therapy bed and then Arjen energetically connected to my puppy through me as a proxy, Arjen Faanhof began to work her speciality.

She began to give me a diagnosis of my puppy, something she would have never known as she never knew me, my family or friends. She went on with his entire life what were the issues at hand, where it all went wrong, how it came about, what was the way forward. I knew from her diagnosis she was absolutely spot on. That gave me the confidence ‘we’ were in perfect hands.

Arjen picked up things the vet shared with me I never shared with anyone, she picked up how his previous owners treated him. Arjen described his likes – traits and all. Especially his mannerisms and characteristics, Arjen Faanhof explained everything.

As the sessions for little pup began they started transforming puppy, puppy has begun healing his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wounds. Everyday especially after every session there are definitely changes and they are for the positive, he has not regressed. I highly recommend Arjen for anyone who has any animal who needs physical, mental, emotional and healing on their sprit. After abuse any animal or human has scaring situated on some or all these levels, when they are rectified and the healing is ignited, self activated healings occur. This brings alignment to the harmonious self, this is what I am seeing with my best friend, and every session is an amazing work of wonders.

THANK YOU! Arjen Faanhof for all you have done for my pup, best friend and God’s blessing.

John | Johannesburg, South Africa

Testimonial #2

On 20 June 2010, my horse, Monte, developed severe (nephrosplenic) colic and as the gas was building up so fast, he needed an emergency operation to save his life. I asked Arjen during the operation to do a distant BodyTalk session. After the operation the vets wanted to put my horse down 3 times, as he developed post op complications and he kept on colicing. A part of the duodenum just behind the stomach was paralysed and seemed to have no peristalsis. He was extremely ill and the vets had no hope. Every time they asked me for my consent to put my horse down, I asked Arjen to do a session, and then he would regain some of his strength and pass some droppings. After 1 hands-on session and 2 distant sessions while my horse was at the veterinary clinic, the colicing stopped, the gut showed good movement and my horse passed regular healthy droppings. Arjen continued with maintenance sessions and after the 4th session Monte could go home, and his recovery was remarkably fast. He was allowed to start trotting and cantering much sooner than what the vets initially had said, and by November his health was back to 100% and we were allowed to jump again. Almost three years later, Monte remains healthy and continues his showjumping career.


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