Testimonial – Caryn Childs

doormatI have always felt unworthy and inadequate and that reflected on the choices that I made in my life, relationships, work etc. I was like your proverbial doormat. And I was rapidly falling into depression.

My sister had had Body Talk and she spoke very highly of it, so I thought, let me give it a shot, maybe it will help me feel a little better.

After my first session I felt more positive and full of energy, but I did not believe that Body Talk could be responsible for such a quick shift.

After the second session I really felt like I could tackle the world head on. I felt more confident and more determined than ever to not be that person who says yes to everyone and who doesn’t care how they are treated.

Body Talk has also sorted out some health issues for me as many of the symptoms that I had. Like back pain, headaches, difficulty breathing have subsided because of the Body Talk sessions I have had. I will continue to see Caryn on a regular basis as I really feel the benefits and they are long lasting.

~ Lindi

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