Testimonial – Julia Hastie

mark for Vetta pse janeSince babyhood, I always suffered from major anxiety. I hated being away from my parents, and worried about my brother. I’d imagine the worst possible scenarios and make them realistic in my head and be terrified of what ‘could’ happen – accidents, kidnapping, death.

I had chronic back pain and headaches from the tension in my spine. I slept poorly my whole life, as I would lay awake, worrying about “what ifs”.

During my 1st BodyTalk session, Julia picked up some childhood events which had become exaggerated in my mind, and never let go of. As soon as they were released, I immediately felt lighter. I have since slept well, without the ongoing dreams.

I am no longer anxious, and better able to deal with my stress and worries. I’m no longer into that horrible, debilitating headache and back pain.

Sarah (23), Centurion

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