Study BodyTalk – learn more about the BodyTalk System, even a career change!

International BodyTalk InstructorThe BodyTalk community of Pretoria/Midrand have the real privilege of having two of the world’s best Instructors, teach BodyTalk Fundamentals, close by. BodyTalk Fundamentals is a 4-day course, which is intended to introduce students to the principles and techniques of the BodyTalk System. Course participants are taken on a journey which covers many aspects of anatomy and physiology, as well as the BodyTalk techniques to address a wide range of physical, and emotional complaints.

Wilma and Eugene both teach in a systematic, thorough and supportive way, and include ample time for hands-on practise. As BodyTalk Practitioners of many years’ experience and respected teachers, Wilma and Eugene have the ability to create a riveting 4-day course, bringing the BodyTalk System alive to lay-people and professionals alike.

International BodyTalk InstructorMany people attend BodyTalk Fundamentals as they would like to begin a new career. Just as many attend BodyTalk Fundamentals in order to understand BodyTalk, the sessions they receive, and natural health care, in a more thorough way.

The course is taught several times a year in Pretoria and Centurion and is open to any interested person – there are no pre-requisites. Students are provided with comprehensive manuals as part of the course. Detailed information on the course and the instructors is provided on, including dates, prices and all you can learn. It is recommended that you search “South Africa”, for ease of reading!


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  1. The next BodyTalk Access course in Budapest, Hungary is scheduled for Sunday, October 14, 2012. Discount is available to the first 12 participants who submit payment. This offer expires on Oct 1, 2012. Click here for details. For information on what you’ll learn in a BodyTalk Access class, visit this page.

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