Sleepy-time woes

In my BodyTalk practice, I have noticed that clients who come for help with sleeping trouble, tend to describe the problem in one of three ways:


  1. They fall asleep on going to bed, and seem to sleep well, until about 1:30am, and then the eyes pop open! They lay awake for at least two hours, tossing and turning, planning and organising, before going back to sleep. Some people even like this – they feel it gives them a chance to order their thoughts, but are quite tired in the morning.
  2. Clients who put on their pyjama’s, brush their teeth, read a little, turn out the bedside light , and ……… find themselves lying wide awake. Sometimes for hours. These folk get so annoyed with themselves! They so badly want to sleep, and try all kinds of tricks to get there, but sleep evades them. This is an exhausting business.
  3. Imagine going to bed early, sleeping for hours and hours… and waking tired? Many clients are concerned that they are sleeping for longer than their peers, and waking as exhausted as they were at the start of the night. If sleep doesn’t help for tiredness, what does?

Each of these scenarios tell a different story, describe a different pattern. Once the (BodyTalk) priorities begin to be addressed, slumber seems to come sweetly!

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