Carla Senekal
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Certified Bodytalk Practitioner
Cell: 082 891 3920

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I was introduced to BodyTalk after researching energy medicine, I read a few testimonials and was amazed. I made an appointment with a practitioner that same day to find out more about this phenomenal modality. After speaking to the practitioner I signed up to study BodyTalk. I have since then finished my studies and become a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner. I also plan to expand in this field learning every variation of BodyTalk to become an Advanced and Pa-Rama Practitioner.

The results I’ve seen since starting BodyTalk have been nothing short of incredible, I was often sick and had to take numerous courses of anti-biotics almost constantly for acute and recurring ailments, but since BodyTalk I have been off medication and the healthiest I’ve ever felt. I’ve helped people with everything from back pain to heart attacks to emotional recovery and improved self love, with regular BodyTalk sessions your overall health improves, energy levels rise, stress levels diminish and your body has the opportunity to heal itself.

This is a safe, long lasting, fantastic natural modality and everyone, without exception, can benefit from it.

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