Arjen Faanhof

Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner (PaRama)
Cell: 083 285 8033

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After quite a few years working as a trained Nurse in the Netherlands, I changed my career and became an Occupational Therapist working with psychiatric patients for five years. Then, following the immigration to South Africa with my husband, I studied languages, resulting in a BA(Hons) in French, English and German. For 16 years I was a stay-at-home mom when I became involved in Reiki, which I mainly used to the benefit of animals, this was followed by a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Quite by coincidence I encountered the BodyTalk System. The healing and positive change I experienced in myself and that which was mirrored by family members and friends confirmed a long existing need in me, that was to take the next step in my life and become a BodyTalk practitioner.

Within 3 months (March 2006) I reached my first BodyTalk goal; passing the BodyTalk Fundamentals parts 1 & 2 exam to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP). Since then I have completed all BodyTalk modules, including BodyTalk for Animals, and the Life Science courses like, MindScape, Advanced MindScape and Breakthrough 1 & 2.

My enthusiasm to deepen my knowledge to add more value to the BodyTalk sessions compelled me to complete the more specialized courses, offered by the International BodyTalk Association; Body Chemistry Specifics, Lymphatic Drainage, Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers, Structural Integration.

I also studied Rightbrain Practical, BodyTalk Interactive, Finding Health 1 and BodyTalk Parama 1 and 2 with Dr John Veltheim, the founder of the BodyTalk System.

My latest BodyTalk achievement was passing the exam to become an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (2011) for which I had to complete a course in Anatomy and Physiology.

The changes I see in my clients amaze me time after time. Most of them have commented on how BodyTalk has changed their lives in a positive and constructive way. They experience better health, a sense of well-being and feel more balanced, more focused and more harmonious in their daily lives. They are better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

I run a BodyTalk practice from a lovely venue, Studio Qi, close to Wierda Park, conveniently situated between Pretoria, Centurion, Kyalami and Johannesburg, Studio Qi is also equipped to host courses of up to 30 participants. The NLP training I followed and the initiation into Reiki enable me to connect with my clients and to facilitate their holistic healing. It fills my heart with joy to see how human and animal clients blossom and grow through BodyTalk.

Because of my love for animals and my ability to communicate with them, which was enhanced by the “Linking Awareness” course for “Interspecies Communication with non-verbal beings” with Loesje Jacob (2011), I attract many animal clients too. The results of the BodyTalk sessions for animals are as amazing as those for humans. In March 2012 Loesje graduated me as Linking Awareness Facilitator, and now I travel to different locations to teach this awesome course.

Besides being a BodyTalk practitioner, I also offer BARS sessions, which complement the BodyTalk System wonderfully. A BARS session can change any area in your life, is very relaxing and nurturing and will make you aware of the infinite possibilities you have to live a joyful life with more ease.

I hope to see you or your animal soon for a BodyTalk or BARS session.

From 2013 I am a certified BARS facilitator and teach classes country wide.


Please feel free to contact me for more information about the BodyTalk System, BARS Access Consciousness or course dates for Linking Awareness and/or to make an appointment.


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