Newsletter – January 2014


Introducing your Practitioners,
jan02from Attie to Zarlene

Meet Arjen and Attie, Centurion practitioners who have big plans in 2014. Arjen will be expanding our understanding of animals, and people by teaching Linking Awareness, and Attie will be expanding his homeopathic-acupuncture practice by writing his BodyTalk Fundamentals exams in April.

Beatrice is raring to do BodyTalk and BARS (and combined) sessions in Wierda Park, and works some evenings and Saturdays too. Carla and Caryn, Pretoria east Practitioners are growing their practices, and planning to study further this year. Caryn will be writing her Fundamental exams in April too – you can visit her at SoulSpace.

Dessie has beautiful new rooms in Menlo Park. Elsabie has a beautiful new grandchild and Eleanor is available for Indian Head Massage, and BodyTalk (and combined) in Irene. Jenny is available for Saturday sessions, and is also teaching BARS courses, and Julia is studying and organising MindScape in Pretoria.


Karin Peens and Karen Trieloff have both studied and work with concepts outside of BodyTalk, so a session in Midrand or Menlo Park, brings different and interesting perspectives.

Laurika’s love of animals and BodyTalk for Animals drives her to Pretoria twice a week. And finally, Zarlene, personal trainer, BodyTalk Practitioner is now also available as a life coach, in Midrand.


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