MindScape Seminar 19th-21st October, Pretoria

Develop your Intuition and learn to use it in everyday situations, relax and resolve problems peacefully. MindScape Seminar 19th-21st October, Pretoria

Did you know that a peaceful mind, is a creative, intuitive mind? The quieter the noise in your head, the louder your ‘little voice’ can speak, and the stronger your ‘gut feel’ becomes.

Imagine learning how to harness to amazing power of your mind, and use it in your
business and relationships, to understand your pets better, and to resolve conflict. During a 2-day MindScape course, you will be taught (and have an opportunity to practice) several, practical techniques which can be used immediately.


Dale Fox is a dynamic and inspiring teacher, who combines her training and experience in nursing, corporate business, Jungian psychology and MindScape techniques to guide students through a fascinating weekend of self-exploration. Students leave a Mindscape seminar with a range of practical life-skills for conflict-resolution, stilling the mind and using Intuition to enhance our experiences.

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