Meet the Team: Pretoria BodyTalk Practitioner Elsabie Norden

Meet the Patient and Persevering Pretoria Practitioner, Elsabie Norden. 30 years of study and work to become a highly-regarded remedial teacher, gave Elsabie a fine understanding of the brain, learning, understanding, and the importance of communication between all parts to make the whole function optimally.

She also learnt a great deal about the role of nutrition, environment and emotions and the effect they have on the brain, mind, health and communication within the bodymind. When Elsabie arrived at a BodyTalk Access course in 2008, it all made sense, and she was immediately able to integrate Brain balancing, Hydration and other techniques into her remedial work.

2 years later, Elsabie studied BodyTalk Fundamentals, and shifted into full-time BodyTalk practice. This broadened her client base – although she still gets wonderful results working with children and adults with learning difficulties, she also offers sessions to all clients, from people struggling with infertility to head-ache sufferers.

Elsabie is based in Dawn street in Lynnwood. Contact her on 072 172 1455 or to book a session today. She will soon write her final Anatomy and Physiology Exams. Read more about Elsabie on BodyTalk Health.

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  1. Ben says:

    Hi Please assist me to find a bodytalk practittioner in Durban area.

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