Meet the Team: Centurion BodyTalk Practitioner Beatrice du Plessis

People who know Beatrice now, find it hard to imagine that she spent the first part of her training and career in a corporate environment, as an Internal Auditor and Data Analyst. Beatrice, our vibrant people-person, behind a computer all day! One evening, during 2009, Beatrice attended a talk given by a BodyTalk Instructor on the possibilities BodyTalk creates for health, wellness, freedom from aches and pains, and as a career path. Beatrice knew a new door had opened for her.

In the course of 2009, Beatrice studied and wrote her certification exams in BodyTalk Fundamentals, and opened her practise, part-time, all the while adding many Advanced BodyTalk Courses to her repertoire. In January 2011 she made the leap to Full-time Practitioner,  leaving the corporate world behind her. Her practise is aptly named Priority Healing.

Beatrice is to be found in Rooihuiskraal, close to the the Mall@Reds. In addition to BodyTalk sessions for humans, many animal-owners contact Beatrice for sessions on their pets, or for help finding lost pets. Beatrice is also a BARS Access Consciousness Facilitator, and is close to writing her Anatomy and Physiology Exams, after many months hard study.

Contact Beatrice for a session today on 082 821 6564 or read more about her on BodyTalk Health or her own Web-site Priority Healing, or mail her at

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