Linking Awareness – Intercellular Communication – A Healing Journey

The end of May I went to Nelspruit to teach the Linking Awareness course. The days flew, what an enriching experience for the participants and me.

After practicing non-verbal communication for two days in class with healthy animals, sick animals and lost animals with a live dog and from photographs, we set out to a livery yard on the morning of the third day, and to a shelter for “rescue” dogs in the afternoon.

The livery yard was situated in wonderful serene surroundings, and we could have spent the whole day there just taking in the peaceful energy of grazing horses. Yet, some practicing had to be done, and every student chose a horse to communicate with. As this was the participants first time of practicing on their own, self-doubt and uncertainty were experienced, which is a very normal phenomenon for us human beings.

However, the next visit after lunch to the dog shelter, taught the students they could trust what they “picked” up from the animals. These dogs were all waiting to be adopted, and we were all quite affected by the sad energy surrounding them. When feedback was given to the owner, she confirmed most of the student’s findings, and when she heard of facts she hadn’t been aware of, she promised to use this information to make the dogs lives, wherever possible, easier.

This showed that after two days of practicing, our telepathic skills can be re-awakened, and how important it is to be able to listen to the animals, as they can only benefit from our understanding.

The owner of the shelter is now aware that the little white fluffy dog cannot stand her domineering companion, with whom she shares a cage. The feedback of the students will be used to either find her a better-suited companion or a foster family until she is adopted.

There are many stories to tell. It is incredibly awarding to be able to listen to and assist non-verbal beings. The Linking Awareness course will teach you easy tools that will help you heal and make life easier for the animals and for yourself.

Arjen Faanhof


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