I’ll tell my mind what to think!

It’s quite hard to put your finger on your mind, although we seem to hold our heads when we’re thinking! We know that our brains do quite a lot of work for us but part of its seems to have a mind of its own Mind.
And it is really based in the brain? No neurosurgeon has ever reported finding a mind somewhere in the cranium. When we’re feeling stressed or tense, we feel it in the whole body – does this mean the mind occupies the whole body? Is that why our hearts ache when we are sad, and and tummy’s ache when we are worried, and our knees shake when we are afraid? Wherever it resides, BodyTalk acknowledges the role and effect on the body, by the mind. Some sessions focus more on the physical effects of stress (caused by the mind?), some sessions address patterns, thoughts and ideas held in the mind, which can be revisited, updated or upgraded. Either way, its a special health care modality which attends to the mind, in its place

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