Heartbreak memories

30012014I sat in a meeting this morning, at which one of the speakers spoke of Romance. The atmosphere in the room immediately changed. People smiled, made little jokes, and their bodies visibly relaxed. Isn’t it amazing to observe the power of ideas and associations, on us? Just the idea of Romance calls certain colours, textures, emotions and even music to mind. And we all know it! I suppose that is what marketing is all about.

But not all associations have the relaxed and dreamy effect on us. Certain places, people, sounds (a song), a piece of jewellery, a date, can have the opposite result – a knot in the stomach, a frown on the forehead from simply hearing something, can put the body under pressure.

Active memory is a BodyTalk technique which addresses the times when the body goes into a stress reaction, based on an outside stimulus, which happened in the past, but is still being felt by the person in the present. By addressing an Active Memory in a situation, we are literally asking the mind to have a look at a memory, extract the useful information and facts of it (there was a break-up, with this person, at this time), without the body going into anxious, fearful, sad, worrisome, heartbroken state over it.

It is a freeing experience and can change a life.

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