MindScape is a set of techniques taught during a course, twice a year in Pretoria. MindScape was designed and written by Dr John Veltheim, in addition to his BodyTalk work. Most BodyTalk practitioners in Pretoria/Centurion/Midrand have attended the MindScape courses, as it greatly enhances our ability to do our work

MindScape is a method that teaches the participant to tap into faculties of the creative, intuitive mind, not normally accessible to our everyday state. Participants learn to engage intuition at will – opening the vast potential we are all endowed with. It is so simple that it can be learned by anyone, and is fun too. The course is both instructional and experiential, with the Instructor teaching the techniques and leading the students through ” hands on” practice. A detailed manual is included

Attending a MindScape Seminar
1. Heightens your powers of creativity, imagination and intuition
2. Promotes your well-being and reduces stress
3. Improves your memory and learning ability, as well as problem-solving skills
4. Promotes personal development

Enhancing intuition for your daily life:
MindScape enhances every aspect of life, as it expands powerful possibilities for people from in every area of life – from medicine and health-care, to accounting, sport performance, peaceful sleep to gardening! By enhancing intuition, mental focus and intent, the development of “right brain” thinking, allows the participant to unlock unlimited potential, by accessing the “alpha” or right brain, state of mind. Participants are led to create a “mental” framework, called “The Workshop”, which serves as an interface for accessing and engaging the different intuitive faculties – similar to computer icons enabling one to access various computer programmes.

Specialised aspects of MindScape:
MindScape teaches mental techniques for use in all business scenarios.
MindScape teaches the types of mental techniques that professional sportsmen and women use.
MindScape develops and enhances study skills, as well as memory training.
MindScape teaches techniques for conflict resolution, and self-development.
MindScape introduces the participant to aspects of their subconscious processes – via male and female archetypes unique to each individual.
MindScape makes use of “The Screen of the Mind” – a technique for mobilizing the powerful subconscious mind towards manifesting affirmations and goals.
MindScape teaches participants to tune into animals in an intuitive and experiential way.
MindScape teaches a method called “Mental scanning”, a practical demonstration where the participant learns to intuitively tune into any person at different perceptual levels. This is the sort of technique used by medical intuitives, and is incredibly easy to learn.

MindScape is an absolute must for those who realize that they have unlimited potential – which we all have – and who wish to become the amazing beings we are all meant to be. In a mere two days, all participants are able to transform their lives, and have fun at the same time.

MindScape in South Africa is taught by DALE FOX (BAPsych).  For further information, contact her on dale@dnaexpress.co.za or visit www.dnaexpress.co.za

MindScape will be taught in Pretoria on the weekend of  3rd to 5th May 2013.
For more information contact Julia on juliah@bodytalksystem.co.za or log onto the International BodyTalk Association

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