What is Linking Awareness?


Linking Awareness LogoThe term intercellular communication is used for non-verbal communication, for which we use: Telepathy, imagination as well as the five natural and subtle senses, (as the communication can happen through pictures, sound, smell, feelings and emotions, and/or taste). This is a two way process; – there is a ‘sender’ and a ‘receiver’.

The Linking Awareness course will provide the tools to communicate with non-verbal sentient beings. For example: non-verbal autistic children, babies in utero, insects, trees, plants and animals, domesticated and wild.

In the course we use mainly animals, as they are, of all of nature, closest to us. Nearly everybody has a story about an animal, and most of us were ‘touched’ by an animal in some way. This is a 3-day course of which two days are in a classroom environment, and one day will be a practical field day.

Why is non-verbal communication of such great value?

  • Through telepathic interaction with animals we can learn about ourselves. Animals are very capable of showing us what goes on in our lives, what we think, what we believe, how we behave. They can even tell us what we can change to be in less emotional or physical pain.
  • Through non-verbal communication we can give non-verbal beings a voice. They can let us know what physical and emotional needs they have.
  • Through non-verbal communication animals can let us know if it’s their time to cross over and if they want help from us.
  • Linking Awareness can be used as a tool to find lost animals.
  • This course also teaches a powerful healing tool.

Anybody can learn to communicate telepathically. We all have that inborn ability.
Unfortunately in this age of technology we rely more on verbal communication, and our telepathic skills are neglected, and how often does it happen that your phone rings and you know it’s a close family member or close friend? We just know when it’s time for our puppy to go outside to relieve itself, and we know when someone in the room is looking at us from behind, the most common use is between mother and baby, the mother “just knows”.

Through training and the proper exercises Linking Awareness will develop the skills we need for non-verbal communication.

Another fascinating fact is that non-verbal communication doesn’t rely on distance. It can be experienced close-by in person in the same room, with a being at the other side of the world or somewhere in between. There are no barriers between the sender and the receiver, unlike mobile phones or radios that are hindered by so-called “dead zones”, where signals cannot get through.

If you love to work with non-verbal sentient beings, animals and/or nature, Linking Awareness is an indispensable tool to have; – it works wonderfully on its own, combined with BodyTalk or with any other healing method you might know.

Sentient Beings are generous in their teachings.
You will attract the Beings from which you have the most to learn.
“When we are – Open – Aware – Humble – we all learn far more.”

Click here to listen to the “LA Experience” http://linkingawareness.com/linking-awareness/what-is-linking-awareness/

For course dates please contact Arjen Faanhof .
Cell:        083 285 8033
E-mail:        studioqi.98@gmail.com
Websites:    www.bodytalkhealth.co.za / http://linkingawareness.com

Practitioners who specialize in Linking Awareness:

Arjen Faanhof Wierda Park
Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (PaRama)
Cell: 083 285 8033 | Email: studioqi.98@gmail.com

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