About Us

We’re a varied group of BodyTalk Practitioners, working with passion towards a shared goal:

Supporting our clients’ natural health care, showing respect towards what they are experiencing, and the health goals they are working towards.

Every member of our team is a BodyTalk Practitioner, with varying levels of experience and training. Most of our members also practice some other natural health care modality, from a homeopath to a personal trainer and some experts in animal communicationfind the right practitioner for you.

Our training as BodyTalk Practitioners has entrenched certain values in our practice:

    • The body possesses a natural ability to heal itself, is always striving towards that end, and addresses many environmental, physical and emotional concerns everyday.
    • When working with, and in support of, this natural ability to heal itself, the effect seems to be faster and easier and more long-lasting than when it is suppressed, ignored or opposed.
    • The body has it’s own priorities, and BodyTalk practitioners work with these, at a pace which is directed by the client, in order for powerful, yet gentle changes to take place in the body.

All our members belong to the International BodyTalk Association, which means we have the benefits of being part of a world-wide community of 1 000’s of BodyTalk practitioners around the world. Membership of the IBA (International BodyTalk Association) is renewed annually and ongoing education in the rapidly advancing world of BodyTalk and natural health care is a pre-requisite.

Most of our members speak at least English and Afrikaans, with some extra languages thrown in too!

We have divided our members across Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand. All the information you could ask for, regarding individual practitioners, is listed on the Our Team tab.

There is a wealth of information on BodyTalk and its related courses at www.bodytalksystem.com. Click on South Africa (search country) if you want information relevant to South Africa only.

In 2008 the International BodyTalk Association created an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (AdvCBP) level. These practitioners have demonstrated their mastery of the more advanced BodyTalk material.There are 5 AdvCBP’s in South Africa, 3 of them in Pretoria! Arjen Faanhof, Jenny Watkins, Julia Hastie.

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