1 practitioner – 1 solution, to everything?

23012014Integrating BodyTalk into healthcare.
I recently had the pleasure of referring clients to practitioners of different modalities, and from different systems. In the course of their sessions, in which their body’s priorities were addressed, it became apparent that specific techniques, items of information, or skills were necessary to support the clients’ healing process.

As described by a body work practitioner, “Julia, I work from the outside in, and BodyTalk works from the inside, out!”. The client in question, was getting wonderful results for her multitude of health challenges, which were the results of living under sustained stress for many years. A few hands-on, body techniques came up as a priority, to unlock tension and some of the stored emotions in the muscles of her neck. Once these were released, the client continued with BodyTalk sessions, working on dealing with her past on an emotional level.

Similarly, it is not unusual for someone to come for two or three BodyTalk sessions, as their regular therapist feels a different point of view, a new perspective or different language and approach may reveal new and helpful steps in the persons wellness process.

This approach, in which the needs of the client are paramount, makes for powerful work. It also ‘keeps it real’, as neither client nor practitioner ‘needs’ to provide a whole solution… just as every person has a unique dynamic of different organs and body parts which make up their functioning, so can a health team, provide unique and necessary treatments to address a whole person.

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